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Shipping Protection

Shipping Protection

  • Cruelty Free
  • Eco-Friendly
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteen
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  1. Coverage Period: Shipping Protection coverage begins from the moment the package is dispatched from our facility until it is successfully delivered to the designated address.

  2. Covered Events: Shipping Protection provides coverage for loss, damage, or theft of the package during transit. Coverage includes but is not limited to mishandling by carriers, accidents, and unforeseen incidents.

  3. Exclusions: Shipping Protection does not cover items damaged due to improper packaging by the customer, loss or damage caused by acts of nature (such as floods, earthquakes, or severe weather conditions), or if the package is left unattended after delivery.

  4. Claims Process: In the event of a covered incident, customers are required to submit a claim within the specified timeframe. Claims must include relevant documentation, such as photographs of the damaged package and its contents, as well as any supporting evidence of the incident.

  5. Refund or Replacement: Depending on the nature of the claim and the availability of the product, customers may be eligible for either a refund or a replacement of the damaged or lost items.

  6. Fee: Shipping Protection is available for a fee of USD3.99 per order. This fee is non-refundable and is payable at the time of checkout.

  7. Limitation of Liability: Our liability for any covered claim under Shipping Protection is limited to the actual value of the lost or damaged items, up to the maximum coverage amount specified in the policy.

  8. Cancellation: Customers have the option to opt out of Shipping Protection at the time of checkout. Once the order has been processed, the fee for Shipping Protection is non-refundable.

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